Pop-Up Blocker

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Are you really annoyed with those ads that keep "popping-up" and ruining your enjoyment of the site? Well, look no further by just clicking on the link below, you can stop those pop-ups forever!!!!!



After clicking on the link below, you will be brought to a web page where you can read about this Pop-up Blocker, its system requirments etc. Just click on the "download now" button, you'll then be brought to a "download page", just click on "Open". Your pop-up blocker will then start downloading, it will take a few minutes (approx. 3-5, depending on your connection), but be patient as it will be worth it in the end. After it is downloaded, just follow the normal set-up/installation steps. As simple as that.

I have just found a new and, in my opinion, a better pop-up blocker than the one I previously recommended on this page. This new "Blocker" is better because it uses less of your computer's resources and although it doesn't have a blacklist, it still eradicates the vast majority of pop-ups (it blocks the really annoying ones, which ruin your enjoyment of the site).

You are now ready to click on the link below. Thanks for been so patient, but you will enjoy this and other sites much, much more, POP-UP FREE!!!!




Please Note: The particular Pop-up Blocker mentioned here, is just one of many and if you download it, it is at your own risk (i.e. If anything went wrong with, which I very much doubt it, but if it did, I cannot be held partly responsible. IT IS ONLY A RECOMENDATION) Date: 06 - 02 - 05







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